US airports will have gambling zones

Representatives of the OTG Company said, they would engage in gambling. Since OTG is an exclusive provider of different services to the US airports, gambling services from OTG will be offered directly in national airports.

In US airports they will establish special American gaming zones. Most recently, OTG company’s management has expressed a desire to establish special gambling zones in the airports of New York State. The plan was already approved, because brand owners are actively involved in the development of the country and financing the needs of local politicians.

New US gambling abilities

OTG company’s specialists began developing innovative gaming content, which will be available at airports pretty soon. Industry analysts say that a new type of income will bring substantial benefits to the enterprise. In addition, passengers waiting for their flights will be able to pass time while gambling.

According to the OTG company management, in airports they will have waiting rooms showcasing a wide range of different gambling games, including electronic lottery and simple social applications. It is worth noting that the top managers of the brand have chosen the right strategy for further development of the company, through which they will substantially expand the existing customer base. They actively lobbied the needed laws in New York state government to achieve their objectives, while bringing additional income to the state budget.