What to do if you lost at an online casino

The ratio between winning and losing at an online casino is actually close to 50/50 with a minor correction towards the losing bets. And it is a well-known fact that the players usually get back 95-98% of the money they bet. But there are cases, when gamblers lose all or the bigger part of their money. What should they do if it happens to often?

Depression and its influence on the games’ outcomes

Despite the high stated payout percent which should work for each and single players, some seem to lose more often than the others. The reason is depression, that is deviation of actual results from the mathematical expectation.

True, online casinos guarantee high payout percent, but they only mean an average amount for all the visitors they have within a set time-period (monthly, annually). So within a single day a casino can win much more than its players. The opposite situations are also not rare.

As for each separate player, the payout amount will most likely be different and directly depend on the number of bets made. The more bets a player makes – the closer to the 95-98% payout he/she will get.

What should a player do when losses are higher than wins

There is one real advice that we can give to the player who has an unlucky day and it is to wait. Of course, it is up to the player whether or not to keep on making bets, but we would really say that he/she should pause the game for some time when bad luck happens.

Even if this will not influence the odds in any way, this will at least give you some time to get rid of the negative feelings.