Microgaming soon to release online slot Tarzan

Microgaming has recently signed a licensing agreement with Edgar Rice Burroughs and will soon release the new online slots machine titled ‘Tarzan’. With this contract, supervised by the Creative Licensing Corporation, the company received exclusive rights to the name for the slot.

Tarzan is a well-known fictional character from the series of novels by Edgar Burroughs. First published in 1912, the Tarzan books very soon became international success. They still entertain people from different countries all around the world. This character appears in a great many films since 1918; the role of Tarzan was played by twenty-nine actors. In addition, he was present in many TV series, two Broadway plays, comic books and so on.

Tarzan in Microgaming online slot

Tarzan Slot Machine from Microgaming company will join the impressive collection of branded slots. It is expected to go to the operators at the end of the year and will work in desktop and mobile versions. The key character of the game is, of course, Tarzan himself. But the reels will also feature Jane, Archimedes, and other heroes of the Edgar Burroughs book. In this amazing slot there will be many special features and excellent sound effects (the famous cry of Tarzan for one).

The comments of the new slot online

Roger Raatgever, CEO of Microgaming, said: “Tarzan is known all over the world, so we are delighted to be able to release the slot with this eternal character. Our talented team enjoys working with this new brand, creating a game that is worth it. After seeing the draft of the game, I can honestly say that the gaming machine will not disappoint fans of Tarzan. Operators and players can expect the release of the new slot in winter.”

Sallos James, the president of Edgar Rice Burroughs, said: “We could not get so much pleasure, giving license to Tarzan character to any other developer but Microgaming. The company’s extensive experience in creating slot machines assures us that it will come up with a product that can attract many fans and players from around the globe. ”