A New Zealand online casino player won $ 7.2 million jackpot!

An online casino player from New Zealand celebrates his incredible luck – he won a 10.14 million New Zealand dollars ($ 7.2 million) Mega Moolah jackpot. Mr. Pou said that initially he placed a $250 bet and after winning $ 1500 he decided to continue, and in the end his efforts materialized into a huge prize.

The Winner is (or now may be ‘was’) working in a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Who knows what he will decide to do now, after he suddenly became a multimillionaire.

The winner comments on the Mega Moolah jackpot

Commenting on his remarkable win, 27-year-old player from New Zealand said: “I still cannot believe it’s real. I’m shocked, it really changed my life. There are so many things that me and my family can do with this money, and they came at the perfect time. We’re just overwhelmed with happiness. ”

The popular Mega Moolah slot machine operates in the Microgaming online casino network, which to date has paid more than € 595 000 000 overall. This amount includes a record jackpot of $ 20 million, hit last year, by a former soldier from Great Britain.

Microgaming comments on the win

In April, another lucky player received € 6,905,670 and now John Quinn, head of department at Microgaming, said: «Mega Moolah and our Progressive Jackpot Network continue getting in the news. The network often provides life-changing prizes to players of our operators, which is definitely the most important part of this work. Big congratulations to mr. Pou and to the online casino where he won this mega-prize. ”

Online casinos in New Zealand are not prohibited, but the government is studying ways to limit their activities. At the same time they claim that one of the priorities is to prevent problem gambling.