Loyalty program of All Slots Casino online

All Slots Casino online offers the players great system of rewards for staying being loyal and simply for the bets they make when gambling. So if you choose this casino for playing your favorite games you can be sure to get rewarded for doing so. Plus, the loyalty program of All Slots Casino has 5 levels and each of the levels offers some additional benefits.

The players can cash in the loyalty points they have any time they like, which is really convenient. For each thousand loyalty points the players will receive ten Euro and one point is given for each ten wagered Euros in its turn. But the players should not forget that with different games the amount of points earned can be different as well. For instance bets made on such games as sic bo, casino war and table poker will make just 50% of the usual rate. And the bets made on Baccarat, blackjack game, roulette, video poker or craps will earn the players just 10% of the usual rate. But the least amount of just 2% is with the All Aces video poker and classic blackjack.

Bronze level is the one all the players who join All Slots Casino begin with. To become the Silver level player you will need to receive totally at least three hundred points and make the same amount of point every moth to be able to maintain the Silver status. Those who manage to receive two thousand points in general will get the Gold level player status, but they will need to make at least fifteen hundred pints every month to maintain it. The Platinum status is available for the players who make five thousand points in general and then maintain making four thousand points monthly. The Diamond level is the highest one and it is available only for the players who gather twelve thousand points and then make eight thousand points monthly to maintain the status. Higher status will make the points the players receive when gambling rise. With Diamond level status they will reach doubling the number of points a player earns.

It is possible to get rewards by cashing in the points the players have. But of course the amount of reward will depend on many factors, including the player’s level as well. The players who have Diamond or Platinum status can cash in the points that have directly for cash. But the players who have other statuses are instead given the bonus offers. In any case all the levels give some special advantages to the players, so All Slots Casino online really shows its regulars the respect they deserve.