American land casino sues lucky players

Casino Golden Nugget in Atlantic City sued 14 players who won one and a half million dollars playing Baccarat. After the mini-baccarat players noticed that the decks of cards were not mixed, they managed to win more than forty victories, raising rates up to 5,000 dollars. After paying out about 500 000 dollars, the casino players suspected of fraud and refused to exchange the remaining million worth of chips.

How it happened

On the next day Golden Nugget casino learned the fact that the decks that were to be shuffled in the production, have not been mixed from the manufacturer, the Gemaco company.

Casino filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of card decks and the players. The lawsuit to the Supreme Court of New Jersey considers violation of the law, that requires equal conditions for all participants of a game.

What awaits the casino players

Three Chinese players who were among the winners sent a counterclaim, accusing the casino of discrimination. One of them also says that he was attacked in his room, ransacked and kept locked with no water, food and with no interpreter. Casino categorically denies the allegations of discrimination, adding that they have an Asian gaming area in the building and as well as restaurant to attract visitors of Asian descent. So we are now waiting for the trial and the outcome of this unusual incident. Meanwhile, all players are welcome to join trusted online casinos where no such stories took place.