Interesting history of online gambling development

Learn more on the history of online gambling from the very beginning till today.

Online gambling has been evolving from the early 1990th and the process if still far from over. Who makes the history and which companies and personalities played the decisive part in the process? That is what we are about to find out in the article.

Online casino pioneers

The first licensees ever were given back in 1994 in Antigua and Barbuda, a small island country in the Caribbean. The issuing of the licence became possible after the government of this land passed the Free Trade Bill – a step that was hardly noticed then, but turned out to be very important in the future. The first and now one of the leading online casino software developers – Microgaming – also was launched in that year. This company started as a small enterprise but very fast grew to become the software provider for the leading casinos online.

Worldwide regulation

As online gambling was gaining popularity, some countries decided that it needs a special regulation. Canada was the first state to create a special Kahnawake Gaming Commission that developed special laws and rules for online casino operators. They were aimed to guarantee fairness of online gambling and to breed the generation of responsible gamblers. By year 1998 online gambling worldwide already generated $834 million and kept growing ever since.